The trials and tribulations of unemployment.

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GiaB writing prompt #22 intimacy

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The Trials and Tribulations of Unemployment

The Effect of International Influence in the Aral Sea Basin

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A book review in search of the common threads in settler-based conflicts

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Settler-based conflict analysis is a relatively recent niche in the field of conflict analysis…

#GiaBPrompt : Wonders of the World

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Cozy days at home or drunken nights out, board games add an edge when conversation around the world’s end and pandemics become tiresome. Losing was hardly an issue during my more melodramatic years of adolescence, yet more than a decade later I watched aghast as my opponent lit the Scrabble score card alight. Then, three awful card games later I threatened to poison his drink. When board games bring malice to the home, here are 4 ways to keep perky.

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A love story in the Scottish wilderness

Without Instagram, I am No One

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Tamara Naidoo

Global-Scale Thinker, an everyday girl in international relations

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