Breaking out of the post-pandemic cocoon

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If you’re feeling uncomfortable about your partner’s after-work drink events, two threads on the internet tend to come up. One points out that you’re a jealous and controlling type, the other is that your partner is a potential alcoholic. Still, there can be more to it. As the world has…

The Effect of International Influence in the Aral Sea Basin

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The Aral Sea is dead. With one of the latest international initiatives planting trees on its dried surface, it begs the question what influence international actors have had in the decades attempting to resurrect the Central Asian waters.

After the collapse the Soviet Union, water management transformed from an inter-republic…

A book review in search of the common threads in settler-based conflicts

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In the edited volume ‘Settlers in Contested Land: Territorial Disputes and Ethnic Conflicts’, Professors Haklai and Loizides delve into seven complex cases of which five are ongoing intractable conflicts. They have written extensively on settler disputes.

Settler-based conflict analysis is a relatively recent niche in the field of conflict analysis…

#GiaBPrompt : Wonders of the World

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Herostratus stood before the Temple of Artemis,
in her mind’s eye Artemis relished a memory,
how Herostratus entranced by her immensity
renounced other Goddesses and bowed in fidelity
at the foot of her shrine.

Yet with flames flickering in this dark night,
driven by an unquenchable thirst for life,
Herostratus had…

Tamara Naidoo

Global-Scale Thinker, an everyday girl in international relations

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